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black magic cbd cartridges

• Hubert Tobacco, located at 393 Hubert Blvd., Hubert

• OJ’s Tobacco & Vapor, located at 8900 Richlands Hwy., Richlands

• Best Exxon, located at 2945 Richlands Hwy., Jacksonville

• Highway 24 Tobacco, located at 1448 W. Corbett Ave., Swansboro

• Expressway Mini Mart, located at 1261 gum Branch Road, Jacksonville

• Super-Fast Drive Thru, located at 1005 N. Marine Blvd., Jacksonville

• Reid’s Mart, located at 461 Hubert Blvd., Hubert

• Highlands Tobacco, located at 835 Piney Green Road, Jacksonville

• Nash Market, located at 237 New River Drive, Jacksonville

Black magic cbd cartridges

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