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biocare cbd victoria bc

Each dropper full dispenses 8.3mg of Full Spectrum CBD

Biocare CBD’s Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures offers approximately 250mg of full spectrum CBD extract in MCT Oil. The overall volume of the product is 30ml and comes with a dropper cap that dispenses 1ml.

Cannabinoid content: 5.4mg CBG, 0.9mg CBV, 0.2mg CBN

Biocare cbd victoria bc

Many skin and beauty products, including everything from shampoo to skin creams, are being enhanced with CBD.

CBD, like THC, is a cannabinoid, and its amount varies from plant to plant. Cannabis plants meant for recreational use tend to have more THC than CBD. Alternatively, industrial hemp plants and cannabis plants intended for medical use are both very low in THC, but high in CBD.

Since 2013, an increased demand for CBD-dominant cannabis has spurred several states into promoting opportunities for legalized industrial hemp production. There are currently 31 states in which it is legal to grow industrial hemp, including Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia, all states where the tobacco farming industry has declined.

While CBD derived from marijuana plants is still illegal (in most states), CBD derived from industrial hemp — which consists of practically no THC — is legal in all 50 states and more than 40 countries.

CBD oil is finding its way into beauty products.

In doses larger than a few hundred milligrams, CBD oil can be used as a sedative to help insomniacs and others who have trouble sleeping. In lower doses, CBD oil can cause alertness.

CBD is non-toxic, so it is not possible to overdose while taking it.

As you read this, several states are working hard to make CBD oil available to children and adults suffering from epilepsy, a neurological disorder that causes convulsions and/or loss of consciousness. This is due to CBD’s anticonvulsant properties, which are being tested for use against neurodegenerative disorders, inflammation, and even cancer.

The first recorded medicinal use of hemp occurred around 2700 B.C.

The health benefits and other effects of CBD are able to occur because CBD interacts with the CB1 receptor (found on neurons and glial cells in the brain) and the CB2 receptor (found in the immune system). Unlike THC, CBD does not actually bind to these receptors, which leads us to our next fact:

Most people know that CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the ingredients in cannabis, but some mistake that fact to mean that CBD is always associated with cannabis as a recreational drug. In fact, cannabidiol is one of more than 85 ingredients of cannabis that have varying effects on the human mind and body.