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Products on this site contain a value of 0% to less than 0.3% THC. Please download the individual lab test results on product pages for details.

Because we do not know their CBD extraction method and cannot look at a residual solvents test for backup, Be Tru Wellness is ineligible for the Quality Badge. Zero visible tests conducted by a third party also disqualify the brand from the Safety Badge. We hope they get with the program and start providing lab results for their CBD line.

The company does say that their hemp is sourced from certified-organic farms in Switzerland and that its products are manufactured in its GMP-certified lab, which is great to see. But we’d like a bit more transparency on their cannabidiol extraction method of choice, and we’d love some Certificates of Analysis to put those safety claims in official writing.

The CBD gummies are vegetarian-friendly and ingredients across the board check out as safe and all-natural, so bravo on that front. However, we get very little specific information on Be Tru’s CBD oil itself.

Included in the brand’s inventory are a CBD pain relief cream, patch, and mouth spray as well as CBD gummies and a trio of cannabidiol beverage drops, formulated to promote energy, focus, and sleep. Be Tru Wellness doesn’t discount our furry friends, either, and also offers CBD oil tinctures in the style of catnip and peanut butter, as well as a bag of cannabidiol dog treats. Prices span from $20 for a CBD pain patch to $60 for both the peanut butter CBD oil tincture for dogs and the company’s nano CBD oral spray.

To create their CBD Soul Spray and CBD beverage drops, Be Tru Wellness utilizes nanotechnology, splicing cannabidiol molecules into tiny pieces which allows for greater bioavailability and faster, more potent effects. For this reason, they are easily awarded the Innovation Badge.

CEO Keith Gordon’s first CBD experience helped him through a late-onset diagnosis of Celiac Disease, while company president Julie Wilson Gordon found cannabidiol to be an effective alternative to prescription medication when dealing with a particularly stressful time in her life. But charismatic Be Tru spokesman Warren Sapp may have both of them — and most other humans — bested when it comes to being on the receiving end of pain.

Be Tru Wellness focuses its CBD product line around the natural pain management potential of cannabidiol, and it’s safe to say their leadership team has no shortage of direct experience dealing with discomfort.

Be Trū Wellness™ believes that pain isn’t something inherently bad — it’s simply a message from our bodies that something needs attention. And they hope to help people answer that call naturally with a line of CBD products targeted at pain management for both humans and pets. We applaud the idea, as well as the subject matter competence displayed on the site, but we wish we had a bit more in writing when it came to Be Tru’s cannabidiol extraction process and third-party lab test results.

Bottom Line – Be Trū Wellness™ has an eclectic CBD product line to help humans and their animal friends manage pain naturally with edible and topical cannabidiol. However, they need to disclose more info, including their extraction method and independent lab results, to win with both us and CBD consumers at large.