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best cbd oil for torn meniscus

Best cbd oil for torn meniscus

What are the symptoms of a chronic problem with your knee? Symptoms can vary, but may include:

Chronic knee pain is a debilitating condition that not only causes you discomfort, but also affects your daily life. Many treatments are available, but not all are effective in managing your pain.

Causes of chronic knee pain

Never stop taking other medications for other conditions without consulting us. Although CBD can help your chronic knee pain, it doesn’t take the place of your prescribed medications.

How can CBD help?

With every year that passes, your body continues to age. The good news is, there are plenty of things out there to make you look and feel younger. Keep reading to learn more about the anti-aging treatments available to you.

Best cbd oil for torn meniscus

The two menisci in each of the knees is a piece of cartilage that is C-shaped. It provides a cushion between the thigh and the shin of the leg. The tearing of this cartilage is considered to be one of the most common of all knee injuries experienced. A torn meniscus occurs when there is a forceful twist or quick, hard rotation on the knee. This is especially true if the full weight of the body is involved.

Torn Meniscus

The first is an MRI.

Treatment for Meniscal Injury

If the menisci develop into a shape that reflects a block or a type of disk, a condition develops which is referred to as “discoid meniscus”. If an individual has this type of meniscus, they are more likely to suffer from a torn meniscus at some point in their life.

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Best cbd oil for torn meniscus

Knowing what a time-consuming pain rehab is, I chose to give it a go without repair. And it worked to a point. I made it nearly fifteen years without an ACL – playing soccer, mountain biking, running, hiking and even competing in the CrossFit Games three years. But then it all started to fall apart – and quite literally – when dislocations became the norm. Like I’d just be walking across the gym and then suddenly be on the floor in extreme pain with my lower leg hanging off to the side.

I couldn’t be away from ice or ibuprofen for more than an hour or my knee would blow up. I had to take stairs by crawling up and hopping down and it was nearly impossible for me to walk more than a block due to severe pain and inflammation. Osteoarthritis and microfracture surgery had taken their toll in a direct assault on my left knee.

The years of wear and tear on my joint left nothing but mangled meniscus and completely worn out articular cartilage (the cartilage that caps the end of the bone) on the femur and as I’d later find out, my hip capsule as well. It turns out that problems work their way up the chain.