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best cbd oil capsules

Various CBD brands extract oil from the cannabis plant differently. Lipid-based extraction, alcohol extraction, and CO2 extraction are common processes. There are advantages to each type of extraction process, but transparency is most important. A brand should tell you how they go about making a quality full spectrum hemp extract.

CBD capsules make dosing easier than CBD gummies or vapes because you know how much CBD is in each capsule. This is important if you're dosing regularly for chronic pain or anxiety, and want to maintain a consistent level of botanical extract in your body. 

Based on the above criteria, here are the best CBD capsules:

Best Organic: Woven Earth Hemp Oil Capsules

When evaluating each CBD capsule brand, we considered the following factors to create our list:

Cornbread Hemp CBD oil capsules are regularly tested to be 100% free of pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and microbials. These full-spectrum CBD pills also are a true “whole plant” product, meaning they contain a full range of cannabinoids, including a legal amount of THC. Customer reviews show that users like the convenience of these CBD capsules and that they help some manage anxiety and pain.


One word of caution: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not reviewed CBD capsules or any other mainstream high-quality products. Because of this, it is even more imperative that consumers make informed, safe decisions about which CBD pills they use. Additionally, you may want to initiate a discussion with your physician before introducing CBD.

Cannabidiol, commonly abbreviated as CBD, is a chemical compound that's found in the cannabis sativa plant. For quite some time, it's been associated with wide-ranging health benefits, including the potential to help minimize stress, promote healthy sleep, and even provide inflammation and pain relief. You can now find CBD oils for anxiety, CBD products for sleep, and CBD creams for pain.

Best cbd oil capsules

Their CBD isolates softgels contain 25 mg of pure CBD and come in two types of containers — one with 10 or the one with 40 capsules per container. Lazarus makes its softgels using gluten-free and plant-based ingredients. Therefore vegans and celiacs alike can enjoy them without worry.

Lastly, CBD is an excellent sleep aid. Since it helps muscles relax, as well as reduce anxiety, users report that it helped improve their sleep quality as well. Moreover, the best CBD capsules for sleep often contain compounds like melatonin and natural extracts such as chamomile and Rhodiola Rosea. All these additives have sleep-promoting benefits and work synergistically with CBD to increase its anti-stress properties.

But the best thing about Lazarus’ products is their price. At just $10 per pack of 10 capsules, they’re the best CBD capsules for users on a tight budget. Since Lazarus offers assistance programs, this price is even lower for low-income people, disabled people, and veterans.

1. Exact Dose

Their capsules pack a decent 15 mg of a full-spectrum CBD and organic hemp seed oil blend. The combination does wonders to increase the absorption rate of the cannabinoids, as well as boost their efficacy. Their Classic and Signature capsules have an additional kick of CBDA, a cannabinoid with impressive anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties.

When it came to selecting the top pick for the best CBD capsules, Royal CBD had to be number one, as this brand made it to the top list of leading media publications, such as CFAH, We Be High, LA Weekly, and Herald Net. This US-based company is an industry giant, with a plethora of quality CBD products in their catalog. They’re famous for their oils, tinctures, delicious gummies, and fragrant topicals. Their capsules however are the most impressive product in their selection.

However, just like any other health supplement, it’s important to choose quality capsules. CBD is a fairly new and unregulated industry. As such, it’s full of disreputable companies trying to take advantage of trusting customers. They peddle less than effective products, cut with low-grade adjunctives and contaminants that decrease the quality of the product, as well as jeopardize the health of the user.

What are CBD Capsules Good For?

Since the best CBD capsules provide an exact dose of CBD, users can easily calculate how long the bottle will last. That way, when a brand is offering discounts on bulk orders, it’s easier to buy a month’s worth of capsules, while also saving money.

The capsules are decently priced, with the low potency going for $54 per bottle. However, since this is a CBD isolate, the price tag may be slightly inflated. What’s more, the capsule base contains gelatin, so vegan users will want to avoid this brand when looking for CBD.

Best cbd oil capsules

By U.S. law, all hemp plants must be bred to contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). That’s considered trace amounts (i.e., negligible) of this phytocannabinoid. In the European Union, they are more strict, at less than 0.2% THC by dry weight.

This means that, unlike other cannabis plant cultivars that are much higher in THC, truly agricultural hemp products should not lead to psychoactive effects. Instead, they can be taken to promote a more subtle, levelheaded sense of calm.* And broad-spectrum hemp extract varieties are like full-spectrum, minus the THC altogether (so, you technically lose the full entourage of plant compounds).

Once distilled from the plant, the hemp CBD can be turned into its own supplement known as an isolate product. Or, it can be combined with those other phytocannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds. When a hemp supplement product contains this full array of phytocannabinoids, it’s considered full-spectrum.

What are hemp-derived CBD capsules?

In its aerial parts—that’s the leaves, flowers, and stems—you’ll find hemp’s CBD, along with an array of other healthy plant compounds called phytocannabinoids (of which CBD is one of many, but a star player), terpenes, and flavonoids.

As national stress levels hover at all-time highs, calming tools like hemp-derived CBD capsules, are in demand.* Curious to try them out for yourself? Here’s your guide to choosing an effective one.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a botanical compound found in the industrial hemp plant, or Cannabis sativa L.—a fast-growing and ancient crop that can thrive in many conditions. Different sections of the versatile plant can be used to make everything from clothes to cooking oils.

In full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate hemp products, CBD is the protagonist of the hemp storyline, as it’s the phytocannabinoid found in concentrated amounts.