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best cbd for ocd

Best cbd for ocd

However, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that CBD can be beneficial for the condition, particularly by helping with anxiety, repetitive behavior, and something called fear extinction.

Conditioned fear plays a major role in OCD, whereby neutral things (like a door handle) become associated with unwanted outcomes, such as the risk of being contaminated with germs.

Spruce CBD was founded in 2018 in North Carolina and quickly developed a reputation for selling high-quality CBD oil.

First and foremost, CBD may help by reducing anxiety, which is the main symptom of OCD. Research has shown that CBD may be a promising treatment for many anxiety disorders:

CBD dosage for OCD

Why is it better?

Although there isn’t much research looking at the use of CBD for OCD, studies suggest that it may be helpful.

These flavor, size, formula, and strength options make it easy to find the tincture that suits you best.

Medical Cannabis and CBD Oil for OCD

Better yet, it’s made with full-spectrum hemp extract providing all of the plant’s phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that amplify CBD’s effects.

But not all CBD products are made the same and there are thousands of products to choose from.

Best cbd for ocd

Here, you’ll learn how CBD can be used to alleviate common symptoms of OCD, what dose to take, and what else you can do to maximize the benefits.

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The obsessions and urges of those affected can become disruptive to normal life — making social interaction, changes in routines, and productivity more difficult than usual.

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Feelings of fear and anxiety are meant to be short-lived and appropriate for the situation. This means that the level of anxiety and stress we experience should be enough to give us an advantage for getting out of danger (such as fighting off the hungry animal or running away) but not too much that it makes us freeze in fear.