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best cbd facial cleanser

Best cbd facial cleanser

According to Lewis and Schroeder, (who fell in love with the ingredient during their previous jobs curating products for Goop), it’s “a potent antioxidant, highly anti-inflammatory, and has been shown in multiple studies to reduce lipid production from the sebaceous glands (overproduction of this sebum is possibly one component of what contributes to acne formation).”

Type of ingredient: Antioxidant.

Benefits of CBD for Skin

Engelman explains that more studies need to be done to verify the efficiency of CBD oil benefits for skin. That said, CBD has no known side effects.

Who should use it: It is recommended for those with inflamed, compromised skin as well as sensitive and dry skin types. It can also benefit those with aging skin.

What is CBD?

CBD is the Cady Heron of the skincare world right now—buzzy, intriguing, and full of secrets (though not as much as Gretchen Weiners’ hair). The ingredient has officially crossed over from being a wellness supplement to a beauty buzzword, but it’s not as simple as looking for “CBD” on your ingredients label and calling it a day. There’s a lot of murky marketing out there and more than a few false claims. For example, we’ve seen some major brands hop on the CBD bandwagon and blast it across their marketing channels, when in reality, their products don’t contain any actual CBD at all. We’ve enlisted Dendy Engelman, MD, board-certified dermatologist of Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery; Ava Shamban, MD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Skin Five in LA and co-host of The GIST; Charlotte Palermino, co-founder of cannabis education website Nice Paper, and Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder, co-founders of new online CBD retailer Fleur Marché. Your skin deserves CBD—just make sure you’re buying a product that actually contains it.

Best cbd facial cleanser

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the active ingredients in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause any psychoactive or intoxicating reactions, but when consumed has been shown to be beneficial for treating chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia. As far as external application, some studies have found CBD to have anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant properties.

By now, there are no shortage of ways to consume CBD. You can find it in your coffee, your water, your gummies, even your pet’s food, and, of course, your skincare. Most CBD products promise relaxation or to curb anxiety, either for you or, apparently, your dog. But now that you can fill your body both inside and out with CBD, the question remains, what does a CBD face cream really do?

The same, however, can be said of any number of trendy skincare ingredients, and there are certainly many consumers who find CBD to be a beneficial addition to their skincare routines. As is the case with other CBD products, a good quality face oil or cleanser offers just another way to relax and indulge. In other words, it’s as much about feeling good as looking good.

But as the legality of cannabis products is constantly changing throughout the United States and the world, research on CBD and its benefits remains limited, which means the true efficacy of CBD skincare is mostly left up to users’ to determine — for now anyway.

Popping open a pack of cannabis eye patches can also be a way to participate in 4/20 in lieu of (or, let’s be honest, in addition to) the more traditional way to celebrate the holiday. And if you do choose to light up on Tuesday (or any day of the week), your eyes will probably appreciate the extra care the next day.