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berkshire cbd special sauce

Berkshire cbd special sauce

Berkshire CBD sources its hemp from New England, Vermont, and Oregon in the USA.

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These hemp flowers look, smell, taste, and smoke like marijuana but without the negative effects of THC. Each hemp flower bud is slow-dried, hand-trimmed, and cured for 60 days.

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Customers can email [email protected] or call (413) 758-9511 for any inquiries.

Berkshire cbd special sauce

Full disclosure I have no affiliation with any company other than I made purchases as a customer and a friend found one in a local smoke shop. ———————————————————————— That being said, got a promotion at work so I celebrated with a gram of special sauce on my break. This is the 4th Special Sauce that I’ve tried so far. The first being Monrow Farms Special Sauce smalls, the 2nd being Fields of Hemp. The 3rd being by Cali Born Dreams, a brand distributed out of the Bay Area. This was a pre roll inside a king palm wrap that my homie found in a local smoke shop. Before talking about Berkshire, let’s talk about the first 3. ———————————————————————— The Monrow smalls had lighter green color and a cheese scent that stayed consistent when broken down. They were standard size smalls consistent with what a bag of thc smalls would look like in the Bay Area. The trim job looked like it was by machine. There was some leaf and stem weight, but not really a big deal. I’ve been used to seeing that in thc small bags. When smoked in a joint it wasn’t too harsh in the beginning. The flavor went more towards a hemp/earth flavor that you’d get from something like a high hemp wrap and mid-grade thc flower. The cheese smell didn’t fully translate over. I don’t have a vape, which could change the flavor results.

My rating scale right now is

The Cali Born king Palm Pre roll is said to be 1.5 gram special sauce flower, but I didn’t have a scale to weigh it. It didn’t have much of a smell. Smoked it had a sweet/hemp taste like a high hemp wrap s the quality of the flower probably wasn’t too up to par. It also could’ve been the wrap flavor too. (ALL PERSONAL BIAS) I’ll smoke a wrap every once in a while, but I really think they should be used as a barometer to test how good the flower tastes. By themselves they kinda subtract from the flavor unless the flower is so good that it overpowers the wrap. This is why I suggest trying a crutch-less joint or a ceramic/glass crutch to get even more flavor from a joint. ———————————————————————- Now to Berkshire. This gram was in a few small, but dense buds that were well trimmed. They started with a lighter aroma like the company’s Sour Space Candy. Broken down in a grinder, the candy and diesel noted in the tasting notes become dominant. Smoked in a joint, the flavor translates excellent, as well as bits of citrus becoming noticeable like noted in their tasting notes. They were on point, but I would’ve liked a terpene report included with the test results. Not one cough through the joint, with a mid gray ash. I really enjoyed in this variation. Looking forward to finding one with even more terps. ————————————————————————- I gotta say that cbd flower (personal experience) physically tends to feel like a good grab on the face and the upper jaw. A feeling in the k9s is where it starts in the teeth, and it extends to the eyes / throughout the bones. From a grab to a relaxation. The better quality the flower, the better that feeling. That mental feeling is much more clear minded and conducive to action than its more popular sister compound. Your experience may vary.