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benefits of cbd pellets for horses

Benefits of cbd pellets for horses

A large number of scientific studies have shown that full-spectrum hemp can dramatically improve the maintenance of each of these factors by supporting the endocannabinoid system. This bodily system works by sending signals throughout the body which can affect anxiety, inflammation, joint discomfort, and general health. This is just the start of what hemp can do.

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Benefits of cbd pellets for horses

Though not FDA-approved for any purpose besides treating human patients with two types of seizure activity refractory to other drugs, CBD has been explored for other applications, including:

“The law always trails innovation,” says Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD, of Veterinary Business Advisors Inc., in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. “Because horses, people, and other animals aren’t immediately dying after using CBD products, then this part of the industry is just not drawing a lot of attention in terms of a major safety issue.”

CBD in Action

Again, only one published study about CBD use in one horse exists. Despite research showing its positive effects in dogs, we must not forget that horses are not large dogs. The pharmacodynamics (how a drug affects the body) of CBD reported in canine studies could differ substantially from the pharmacodynamics of CBD in horses. This means the way CBD gets absorbed, distributed throughout the body, broken down, and excreted could vary markedly between species.

In this case the owner and veterinarians didn’t know the inciting cause, but they thought it was an insect sting that resulted in a persistent, severe hypersensitivity.

CBD on the Lam

Why can’t we get the data we need? Research requires funding that can be hard to come by. Contino says research efforts might have inadvertently slowed because several equestrian sport governing bodies banned the use of CBD in competition.