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bared footwear cbd

Information was verified : 02.01.2022

Bared Footwear Mens is located at 11 Manchester Ln, Melbourne. The company’s registered office is in Melbourne. The nature of the business includes: Shoe Shop, etc. Below you will find basic information about Bared Footwear Mens: Map, Directions, Contacts, Website, Reviews, Photos, Email, Phone number, Fax number, Working hours.


11 Manchester Ln, Melbourne, 3000

Tuesday: 10am-6pm;
Wednesday: 10am-6pm;
Thursday: 10am-6pm;
Friday: 10am-7pm;
Saturday: 10am-6pm;
Sunday: 11am-5pm;
Monday: 10am-6pm

Working hours

Frankie4 shoes are designed by a podiatrist.

McCulloch started thinking about what parts of a shoe functionally worked well and also what things women liked the look of. She pulled together a prototype, flew to Sydney and showed a supplier and that was the genesis of Frankie4.

'Designed for 80-year-old-plus women'

"Cash flow has been a big challenge for us but now that our online store is doing really well that helps push the funds back into the business," she says. "We have a fantastic supplier and I know if we weren't with them it would be harder. We do pay a premium for our shoes but it's worth it."

'It would be hypocritical'

Baird's next major hurdle was when she walked in from hospital after giving birth to her second child and her store manager rang to give notice.

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