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aura cbd review

Aura cbd review

Although we couldn’t find reviews on any platform like Trustpilot or Facebook, we did notice a few Reddit threads about Aura CBD and their products. For example, the thread pictured above is actually very complimentary about the Aura CBD products, claiming that even the lower percentage CBD oils sold by Aura CBD can be more effective than higher percentage oils due to the quality of their oils. Reddit is a great place to find CBD reviews and we’re glad to see Aura CBD so well received on there.

Aura CBD are a CBD company based in London (just like Global Green CBD and Ma CBD) who have grown a good following and reputation. We decided it would be a good idea to review this company in-depth, to try and understand what has made them so popular and to put their CBD products to the test. Here is the review:

Although Aura CBD have been great so far, one thing we haven’t managed to find for this company is any trusted source of third party reviews. We couldn’t find any Trustpilot or pages for the company, so we reached out to Aura CBD to see why this is. According to the team at Aura, the MHRA said they had to remove the reviews as they equate to a medical claim. They also asked the company not to display lab reports. To be fair to Aura CBD they do have 3k likes on their Facebook page which is pretty impressive.

What does Reddit think of Aura CBD?

For some people this huge choice of CBD oil might be a little overwhelming, especially when some bottles have different labels, names and have different descriptions to explain what’s actually inside. But part of us actually respects Aura CBD for putting so much effort into their CBD oil range. As long as Aura CBD can provide guidance to anyone feeling overwhelmed when looking at all of these CBD oils, we think it’s probably a good thing to have more choice.

Another thing to mention is that Aura CBD are a vegan friendly company and are a virtually zero waste company. They package everything in paper and only use recyclable packaging, impressive stuff!

Who are Aura CBD?

All CBD products sold by Aura CBD are claimed to be organic and lab tested, and although we haven’t seen the lab reports, they do appear to be so (we’ve mentioned why Aura don’t have reports on their site). We also appreciate that Aura CBD sell a CBD paste, as this is our preferred method of consuming CBD. They also sell CBD chocolate, which is definitely somthing we’d like to try.

Unlike many of the CBD companies we review, Aura CBD actually provided a nice amount of details about their company on their website. We know that the company was founded in London in 2013 by a woman called Charlotte. The fact that the company has been around for 7 years is impressive for a CBD company, considering it is still a relatively new industry. The website details how Charlotte first used CBD in 2013 for her own wellbeing, and then saw such benefits that she decided to start Aura CBD. We love this story a lot!

Aura cbd review

Overall, each cartridge contains 0.5ml of liquid, and it consists of 35.08% THC and 31.59% CBD; not precisely 1:1 but close enough. According to experts, the sacred 1:1 ratio offers the best combination of therapeutic relief from various medical issues, along with relaxation.

If you are looking for a slightly psychoactive experience, Ascend 1:1 is the best of the three products. As you can guess from the name, Ascend offers CBD and THC in a ratio of 1:1. Each cartridge contains 250mg of CBD and the same amount of THC.

Review of Aura CBD Ascend 1:1

If you want to get a mild buzz, consider the Glow 3:1 range. It still contains enough THC to provide a mild psychoactive experience, but you are still clear-minded enough to perform daily tasks. The essential 24:1 option is if you need an early morning kick-start.

Read on for our full Aura CBD review, or check out some of our top CBD vape products below:

Review of Aura CBD Glow 3:1

You can use the Essential CBD oil at any time of the day. We found that it offered a nice early morning boost, but it was especially useful for combatting one of our reviewer’s restless legs syndrome; a condition that tends to rob him of 3-4 night’s worth of sleep each week. It took almost a week, but the equivalent of 40mg of CBD a day reduced the number of bad nights considerably.