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1500 mg cbd tincture

1500 mg cbd tincture

CBD can affect people differently based on unique conditions like body size and previous cannabis use. For most people we recommend starting with a 25mg dose (half of the 1mL dropper). Increase or decrease your dosage based on need.

Organic MCT Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Keep your tinctures in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. A medicine cabinet is an ideal place for your tincture. Excessive heat and exposure to sunlight can degrade the CBD in your CBD oil tincture. Refrigeration is not recommended for bottles currently in use. When properly stored, your CBD oil tincture will maintain its potency for up to 18 months.

Storage Directions

Suggested Use

1500 mg cbd tincture

Each 30ml bottle includes a handy dropper with marked measurements at 0.25ml, 0.5ml, 0.75ml, and 1.0ml for precise dosing.

Anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

To take the tincture, just follow these quick steps:

How long does it take for CBD Oil tinctures to work?

Clean, pure safe, and completely free of any toxic residue extraction method.

Using CBD oil tincture is a breeze. Our measured dropper tells you exactly how much you’re taking, allowing for better dose control.


CBD oil tinctures are the fastest option for oral administration. Unlike regular CBD oil and edibles such as gummies or softgels, tinctures partially absorb through capillaries in the gums, cheeks, and tongue. This allows some of the CBD to directly hit the bloodstream before the rest metabolizes through the liver. As a result, tinctures take effect within 15-20 minutes.

For this 1,500mg CBD Oil: