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1 1 cbd tincture

1 1 cbd tincture


Certificate of Analysis

Cannabis Extract by Nature is quite thick and viscous like honey, if we bottle pure extract, dropper fails to suck and deliver medicine, and most of the medicine remains in bottle, and it becomes really difficult to measure its intake.

It is quite clear a medium is required to make liquid extract less thicker, options are water and oil , Water needs to be negated since extract is oil based . Now some oil is required to be mixed with Cannabis Extract as Carrier oil. Just a few years back Raw coconut oil, Raw Cannabis seeds oil , Olive oil , Grape seed oil were used quite frequently. We at Indogenix too used Cannabis seeds oil as carrier oil in past , but we found out that it works great in Winters but its properties ( ayurvedic ) are hot by nature , that makes cannabis Tinctures little unsuitable for hotter climates . Similarly each of other oils had some issues or other which prevented us to make a standard product.

Certificate of Quality Control:

The ratio of Cannabis Extract & MCT oil decides the potency of the Tinctures. Our Highest potency Tincture in 15 ml bottle is 1500mg, meaning 1500mg of cannabinoids are present in the 15 ml bottle with a solution of Dewaxed & decarboxylated Cannabis extract and MCT oil.

Now the MCT oil manufacturing process is little trickier and finding Pure MCT oil is a challenge. MCT oil manufacturers many a times use 70% palm oil and 30% of Coconut oil to extract MCT, this oil is definitely not a medicinal grade oil to be utilized with any Cannabis Tincture at all. Hence we at Indogenix manufacture our own MCT oil from organic coconut shells. We have realized the efficacy of medicine increasing via feedback from patients.

Recently there has been good amount of study on MCT oil. This oil is actually an extract from the raw coconut oil only, this MCT oil has good amount of advantages, in the sense that it increases bio availability of Cannabis Tincture in the body to a very great extent. Bio availability means absorption power in the body, i.e. one milligram of cannabinoids if taken with MCT oil have higher chances of merging in blood quickly as compared to any other oils .This is mainly because of Triglyceride property presence in MCT oil.

Do not purchase/use this product if you have glaucoma
Do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Strictly for sale only to individuals above the age of 21
Do not use if suffering from a liver ailment or a disorder.

1 1 cbd tincture

While you cannot overdose on THC, the feeling of being “too high” can be uncomfortable. Our website provides tips for what to do if you feel too high.


20:1 – High CBD levels along with very low THC levels provide a good option for managing inflammation pain. Very rarely intoxicating.

It’s important to note that the ratio is not the same as the amount of CBD and THC. Our supporting member 1906 makes several different products, including their Midnight drops and Genius drops, that are designed to be swallowed. The ratio of each of these recreational products is 1:1—but the amount of CBD and THC in each is different.

Layering Different Cannabis Products

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night when your pain medication wore off, and suffered as you re-dosed and waited for the medicine to kick in? Fortunately, with CBD and THC products, you can layer different product types to reduce the changes of this happening.

10:1 – A high CBD alternative for people who find the 5:1 ratio to be too intoxicating.

THC: The cannabinoid responsible for the “high,” if used in large enough amounts. Cannabis products containing over 0.3% THC remain illegal at the federal level and can only be legally purchased in states that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana.

Timing Your Dose: How Different Cannabis Products Reduce Pain

Our Leaf411 cannabis-trained registered nurses can help with questions specific to medications you’re taking, and our service is FREE! Call us at 844-LEAF411 (844-532-3411).

Leaf411’s supporting members offer many different CBD:THC ratios to meet different needs.